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Established in 2021, Bridgewater Marine is a young and lively marine construction company with a highly experienced and dedicated team. Founded and led by Rowan Joyce and Wes Cahill, Bridgewater Marine continues to deliver high quality projects for government agencies and private entities. We aim to cultivate lasting client relationships and industry partnerships through transparency, communication, and creative problem solving.

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Avalon Beach Boat Ramp Upgrade

Client: City of Greater Geelong

Project Scope included:

  • Demolition of the existing northern and southern jetty structures.
  • Design and construction of two new jetty structures with timber piles, timber substructures, and FRP decking.
  • Supply and installation of jetty lighting, fish cleaning table, access ladders, rubber D-fenders, and a closed cell FRP wave screen. 
  • Refurbishment of the existing carpark area included linemarking.
  • Construction of two new overflow carpark areas with a permeable pavement finish.
  • Resurfacing of the carpark entrance with asphalt.
  • Substantial landscaping working including new fencing, large boulders, seating, lighting, signage, drainage structure, and planting.

Kirk Point Boat Ramp Upgrade

Client: Parks Victoria

Project scope included:

  • Demolition of the existing concrete boat ramp.
  • Land reclamation fill to widen and extend the existing carpark area.
  • Construction of a new northern and south rock revetment and breakwater.
  • Construction of a new two lane precast concrete boat ramp with grooved pattern and scabbled surface, recycled plastic kerbs, and recycled plastic wheel stops.
  • Construction of a new jetty with insitu concrete abutment, steel pies, HDPE sleeves, FRP superstructure, rubber D fenders, stainless steel ladders, and mooring cleats.
  • Installation of a navigational aid pile with solar lantern off the end of the breakwater.
  • Installation of articulated concrete matting to the sides and toe of the new boat ramp and under the new jetty. 
  • Construction of a new carpark with asphalt surface finish, linemarking, and large rock bollards.
  • Soft landscaping works to the perimeter of the carpark.
  • Installation of signage and solar lighting to the carpark and jetty.  

Cowes Boat Ramp and Jetty Upgrade

Client: Bass Coast Shire Council

Project scope included:

  • Construction of a temporary steel sheet pile cofferdam wall around the existing concrete boat ramp, dewatering of the site, and continuous pumping of the site to keep it dry.
  • Demolition and disposal of the existing concrete boat ramp.
  • Construction of a new insitu concrete boat ramp that was approximately 2400m2, including all earthworks, rock toe protection works, concrete matting, galvanised steel reinforcing, and a grooved surface finish on grade.
  • Partial demolition, modification, and extension of the existing jetty using steel piles, steel substructure and FRP decking.
  • Flooding of the cofferdam wall upon completion of the works and removal of all temporary works.

Sorrento Pier Repair Works

Client: Parks Victoria

Replacement of lowering landing including walers, fenders, FRP decking, capping, and steel ladders. Replacement of select timber beams and decking. Pile splice and crosshead beam replacement. Works involved consultation with commercial Pier operators and other contractors working on the Pier.

San Remo Jetty Timber Deck Replacement Works

Client: Parks Victoria

Replacement of select timber beams, decking and capping where the concrete deck meeting the outer timber jetty head. The works involved consultation with commercial fisherman and tour operators.

Apollo Bay Boat Ramp Improvement

Client: Bellingham Marine

Demolition of the existing timber jetty, pontoons and gangway, and all piles. Installation of new steel piles, pontoons and gangways to connect to the existing concrete abutments. The pontoons and gangways were supplied by Bellingham Marine.


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