Sorrento Pier Repair Works

Client: Parks Victoria Replacement of lowering landing including walers, fenders, FRP decking, capping, and steel ladders. Replacement of select timber beams and decking. Pile splice and crosshead beam replacement. Works involved consultation with commercial Pier operators and other contractors working on the Pier.

San Remo Jetty Timber Deck Replacement Works

Client: Parks Victoria Replacement of select timber beams, decking and capping where the concrete deck meeting the outer timber jetty head. The works involved consultation with commercial fisherman and tour operators.

Apollo Bay Boat Ramp Improvement

Client: Bellingham Marine Demolition of the existing timber jetty, pontoons and gangway, and all piles. Installation of new steel piles, pontoons and gangways to connect to the existing concrete abutments. The pontoons and gangways were supplied by Bellingham Marine.

Pontoon Jetties, Genoa River & Gravelly Point

Client: Parks Victoria Demolition of two fire damaged jetties. Design and construction of two 12m long jetty abutment, two 10m gangways and two 9m floating concrete pontoons. The pontoons and gangways were supplied by Bellingham Marine.

Construction of Timber Jetties, Mallacoota

Client: Parks Victroia Demolition of two fire damaged timber jetties. Construction of two new jetties using large section timbers with traditional wharf and bridge carpentry techniques. Construction of a 21m long retaining wall with steps.

Australia Wharf Berthing Facilities, Docklands

Client: City of Melbourne Removal of existing timber fender. Supply and installation of 53 new timber fender piles with white fibreglass pile caps and a custom fender assembly fixed back to the existing concrete wharf for berthing of commercial vessels. The works involved ongoing consultation with the contractor engaged for the dredging of the Yarra […]

Horsham Riverfront Nodes

Client: Horsham Rural City Council Design and construction of three riverfront odes including geotechnical investigations, driven galvanised steel piles, timber decking, and stainless steel balustrade.

Horsham Pergolas

Client: Horsham Rural City Council Design and construction of pergolas including obtaining building permits, geotechnical investigations, concrete footings, timber framing, roof sheeting and plumbing.

Warrnambool Boat Ramp & Jetties

Client: Warrnambool City Council Demolition of the existing northern and southern jetties, rock revetment, and existing approach ramp. Construction of two new jetties using a steel pile and steel frame design with FRP decking, timber fenders, galvanised steel ladders, and a stainless steel handrail. Construction of a new precast concrete abutment to provide scour protection […]

Lake Bullen Merri Boat Ramp Upgrade

Client: Corangamite Shire Council Demolition of existing boat ramp, piles and pontoons. Earthworks including dredging of lakebed and placement of imported rock. Construction of precast concrete boat ramp with articulated concrete matting. Construction of precast concrete retaining wall with H piles. Design and construction of pontoon piles, 17m pontoon and 7m gangway. The pontoons and […]